You can Install the released version of presenter from CRAN with:


And the development version from GitHub with:

# install.packages("devtools")

Package Description

This package consists of custom wrapper functions using packages openxlsx, flextable, and officer to create highly formatted MS office friendly output of your data frames. This should be useful to anyone who relies on sharing information in excel or powerpoint in business and consulting scenarios. The functions are opinionated in the sense that they expect the input data frame to have certain properties in order to take advantage of the automated formatting. Certain novel features of this package include:

  • Supports Lists: make_simple_excel and make_powerpoint can accept single tables or lists of tables, which will be given separate sheets

  • Automatic Naming: You can pipe your data frame, list, or flextable directly into the function. An excel or powerpoint will be generated with no further arguments necessary, named after your table. In order to avoid name clashing, a random string is appended to the name so files will not be overwritten. In the case of a multi-pipe operation piped into your function, a generic name will be randomly generated.

  • Automatic Opening: Files are automatically opened upon generation so you can inspect your output.

  • header words: By supplying a character vector to the “header_word” argument, you can automatically merge or color adjacent column headers based off a common key word. This functionality relies on word separation with “.” or “_” and will not work properly in other cases like snakeCase. Can be left blank for no special formatting.

  • last id col: This package is optimized for tables that begin with their “id” or “group” columns and then followed by “value” columns. By supplying an integer position of the last id column, you can apply special formatting for the id cols. Can be left blank for no special formatting.